Bonnie R. Clendenning

Senior Counsel

Bonnie Clendenning, a proven fundraising executive with in-depth experience in the academic sector, joined our practice in 2015. Clendenning, in a leadership capacity, admirably served Boston University, Tufts University, and Harvard University. While Vice President and later Dean of External Relations at Radcliffe College, Bonnie conducted and completed the then largest fundraising campaign ($101 M) in the institution’s history. Her role included designing and executing new programming to attract publicity and new constituencies, and initiating strategic changes in communications, alumnae relations, and systems to facilitate Radcliffe’s transition from an independent institution to a new division of Harvard University.

Clendenning’s additional management positions in the academic sector include Executive Director and trustee of The Archaeological Institute of America, and President of the School for Field Studies – an organization which partners with more than 300 United States based undergraduate programs to provide accredited environmental studies at field stations around the globe.

For a decade Bonnie focused her energy and expertise on international projects in England, Europe, and the Middle East.  A former CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Bonnie is a graduate of Smith College, holds a Master’s degree from The Fletcher School at Tufts University and a J.D. from New England Law/Boston.

Authentic and a keen listener, Bonnie readily interprets complicated situations, capably unravels issues and graciously reframes options for our clients. Nimble, witty, and enthusiastic Bonnie brings tremendous energy to our practice and our clients.

An active volunteer, Bonnie is Chair of the Board of Empower Success Corps and a pro bono consultant.  She is also President of Focus on Tanzanian Communities, which raises funds to provide infrastructure for education and health projects in rural northern Tanzania.  She is the former Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Massachusetts Bay Community College.