• What type of non-profit organizations do you serve?

    All non-profit agencies registered with the IRS as 501 C (3) with the exception of religious groups or churches.

  • Who are your working partners in a non-profit organization?

    Depending on the type of project or service, we may work directly with any or all of these key players:

    • Fundraising Staff
    • Administrators/Executives
    • Board Members
    • Volunteers
    • External constituents
  • Do you provide names of donors and prospects to organizations?

    No. Consultants for Institutional Advancement can recommend ways in which to enhance existing donor relations or programs, and methods to effectively research prospects, but does not supply donors for an organization.

  • What is the fee structure?

    Depending on the type of the engagement our rates may take the form of:

    • Flat project fee
    • Per diem rate
    • Retainer

    Following a free consultation to assess your organizational needs and service requirements a fee structure appropriate to the project and scope is determined.

  • Do you take a percentage of the funds raised?

    No. In accordance with the code of ethics of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and CFRE International, fundraising firms and independent practitioner members are prohibited from working on a percentage basis.

  • What is the most important service you provide?

    The most important service is the one best suited to the client to achieve their desired objective. Our most important deliverable is our professional commitment – backed by fifty years of experience – to realistically and honestly advise and to provide workable solutions with appropriate tools and techniques that will ensure a client’s success.