Jan’s unique experience as a development operations specialist spans three decades. Her in-depth knowledge of the development function and its intense reliance on data sets Jan apart from her counterparts.  Her experience with and mastery of the wide variety of  industry brand fundraising software coupled with her innate and comprehensive understanding of development strategy is a unique and valuable combination.

Ms. Palermo’s extensive relationship with one the country’s largest and most respected humane organizations, the MSPCA, transitioned the institution’s 500,000 data records to the information age. Jan has created and administered operating systems and procedures for donor bases of all types and sizes.  Her experience includes integration of web and industry specific software with primary fundraising systems; multi-million dollar year-end reconciliations with internal accounting systems; all aspects of direct mail production; and extensive donor relations management.

Beyond technical ability, Jan’s interpersonal and communication skills make her a patient, and thoughtful instructor and a vital asset to our clients.